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Ghost Writing + Typing Services

Ghost Writing Services:


  1. Free 30 minute consultation to discuss your book project (what's written already, gathering information for what's needed for project)

  2. Order analysis and recommendation packet to determine the size of the project and timeline to write a polished manuscript. (week long process) The outcome of this step will determine the total cost of ghostwriting services. 

  3. Scheduling of project start and end date to write polished manuscript. Once a week updates.

  4. Discuss book publishing services.

Typing Services:

  1. From recording to Word document

  2. From written notes to Word document

  3. From picture notes to Word document

*$200 analysis and recommendation to determine size of project and timeline (non refundable)

(Total price will be determined after analysis) 

$2.50/page w/out editing

$4.50/page w/editing

($20 flat deposit) 
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